It is a great pleasure to announce that rapper Savannah Roman from Tampa will be joining us at Swervnation under management.

Savannah Roman is an American rapper from Tampa, Florida. Savannah began making music when she was 19 years old and found that it gave her an outlet to express her shy nature.

I was listening to hip-hop a lot and as I continued listening to it I realized maybe it was something I could do as well. I started writing and developing overtime.” – Savannah

Savannah’s songs explore what and who she is as a person, how she grew up, and what challenges she faces. Soon, Swervnation will announce the release date of Intro, her debut single on the label.


Chicago Rapper Mufasa drops “40 Ain’t Dead” EP

Mufasa is back with his first project of the year titled “40 Ain’t Dead” an EP that contains 7 tracks.

The EP “40 Ain’t Dead” contains the following seven songs:
1. Introduction
2. Non Stop
3. 43va14
4. Goto Church
5. Classic
6. Free 2Raw
7. Three ( Bonus Track)

The project was kicked off in 2021 with the release of the song “Classic”, whose music video you can check out below.

On the bonus track “Three”, Mufasa collaborates with the Swervnation rappers Wopp and SG Swerv. The EP was produced by Swervnation, and Mufasa is currently working on the video for the song “Non Stop,” whose release will be announced soon.


Mufasa drops a bonus track from his upcoming EP “40 Ain’t Dead”

Mufasa releases a new bonus track titled Three featuring Wopp and SG Swerv, a song produced by Swervnation.

About Mufasa
Mufasa is an American rapper from Chicago’s West Side. In 2014, he began rapping via his iPhone with neighborhood members, as Lil Muney gave him the name “Mob Shorty”. “Mob” is a common title in Mufasa’s production, as the title to his mixtape “Mob Father”, whose sequel will be released soon titled “Mob Father 2”, as well as the music video “Mob”.

Produced by Swervnation, Three is available on all platforms.

A total of seven tracks comprise the EP. Here is the tracklist