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Chicago Rapper Dreadrock to Release Night in Chicago EP on May 19th, Produced by Swervgang

Chicago, IL – Dreadrock, the rising rapper from Chicago, has announced the release of his highly anticipated EP, Night in Chicago, which is set to drop on May 19th. Produced by Swervgang, the EP pays homage to the streets of Chicago and the harsh realities that many of its residents face on a daily basis.

Night in Chicago EP features five tracks, including the lead single, “Beef,” which has already generated significant buzz on social media and streaming platforms. The EP showcases Dreadrock’s unique style and hard-hitting lyrics, while also providing a glimpse into the struggles of life in Chicago.

“Night in Chicago is my way of paying tribute to the city that raised me,” said Dreadrock. “It’s my story, and it’s the story of so many others who live in these streets. With Swervgang’s help, we were able to create something that truly captures the essence of Chicago hip-hop.”

The tracklist for the EP includes “24 Hours of Hell,” “Beef,” “Myself,” “New Opp,” and “Downtown.” Each track tells a different story and sheds light on the realities of Chicago street life.

“Working with Dreadrock was an amazing experience,” said Swervnation member, Mufasa. “He brought so much passion and energy to every track, and it was an honor to help bring his vision to life.”

Night in Chicago EP is poised to be a game-changer for Dreadrock and is sure to make waves in the music industry. With its authentic sound and powerful message, the EP is a must-listen for anyone who loves hip-hop and wants to hear the real stories behind the music.


Dreadrock drops Swervinglanes3

Swervnation is thrilled to announce the release of Dreadrock’s new album, Swervinglanes3. This project is the follow-up to Swervinlanes, released in 2016, and Swervinlanes2,album released in January 2020.  The album contains 12 songs, and it is Dreadrock’s sixth.

The project features music with deep beats like “From Where I Started’, with a piercing sound and a smooth and enveloping cadence. Another song from this album, “This Year”, produced by Winiss Beats, features his freestyle rap style. In October 2021, iTunes charted this song.

Stream this album on:




Dreadrock (James Samuels Jr) has been grinding for over 10 years at his dream. He has been taking off ever since he dropped his single called “This Year’, turns out halfway through 2022 and Dreadrock is still taking over the internet by storm. This time Dreadrock is back with his latest single “Don’t Stop”; it just goes to show that Dreadrock is not stopping anytime soon. The Chicago native shows no signs of hitting the brakes or letting up on the gas with his new single, check it out below on all platforms, and be sure to follow Dreadrock.

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