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Dreadrock and Lil Rap’s  Collaboration Comes to Life in the Official Music Video for “Swerving Flow”

Chicago, IL – July 28, 2023 –     Swervnation is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated release of the Official Music Video for “Swerving Flow,” the scintillating single from Dreadrock’s renowned album, “Swervinglanes 3.” The music video, a joint effort by two of Chicago’s finest rappers, Dreadrock and Lil Rap, showcases their incredible talents and dynamic chemistry, captured and skillfully edited by the visionary filmmaker Ryan Stage.

“Swerving Flow” is a standout track from Dreadrock’s groundbreaking album, “Swervinglanes 3,” which took the music world by storm when it was released in January 2020. The album received widespread acclaim for its piercing sound and captivatingly smooth cadence.

In the Official Music Video for “Swerving Flow,” viewers will be taken on a visual journey that perfectly complements the energy and vibe of the song. Set against the backdrop of Chicago’s streets, the video captures the essence of the city’s thriving hip-hop culture, making it a genuine representation of Dreadrock and Lil Rap’s musical roots.

Watch the Official Music Video for “Swerving Flow” here:

The collaboration between Dreadrock and Lil Rap in “Swerving Flow” is a true testament to their mutual respect and admiration for each other’s artistry. Their seamless flow and electrifying performances create an unforgettable experience for fans and new listeners alike.

The video’s director, Ryan Stage, known for his exceptional ability to capture artists’ raw emotions and translate them into captivating visual narratives, has done justice to “Swerving Flow.” With his expert cinematography and editing skills, Ryan has elevated the music video to a whole new level, leaving fans excitedly waiting for each frame.

“Swerving Flow” Official Music Video is now available on [platform], and fans are encouraged to share their reactions and support for Dreadrock and Lil Rap’s collaboration on social media using the hashtag #SwervingFlowVideo.

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