Mufasa DaMenace

Coming up on the westside of Chicago

See I Got That Name From Off My Life Experience Being Incarcerated For A Long Time Fighting For My Freedom Everybody Know Mufasa Off The Lion King Fought For His Respect And Loyalty And I Feel Like That Is My Life Story Coming Up On The Westside Of Chicago.

Mob Father
Out Now

About Me

I Started Making Music In 2014 After A Long Summer Of Messing Around And Just Rapping Music From The Tv Thru The Phone With A Few Members From My Area And It Started a Trending And Long Came My Boy Dreadrock Cuffed Us And Put Us Ina Studio Everyday We Could Me And Lil D ,Juice Made Multiple Hits That Made Our Wave Even Deeper Then Down The Line Me And Dreadrocks First Single And Music Video Together “What You Say “ Put Us In A Very Good Start We Had Kids In Grammer School To Y’all Granny’s Yelling “What U Say “ Like We Make Pain Music It’s Like Therapy To My Soul Real Life Complications Such As Fallen Soldiers Police Brutality That I Put Together On A Track Real Life Facts Cant Front Your Move Out Here In Chicago Either Come With It Or Don’t Come At All 

What Got Me Into Music Was Another Fallen Soldier ‘Lil Muney’ helped me start my new wave in this music industry Gave Me The Name ‘Mob Shorty’ And I Ran With It Till After A While I Grew Up And Wasn’t. A Shorty Nomore Long Came Mufasa Every Since Then I Been Putting My All In This Music  

Upcoming Mixtape ‘The Mob Father’ will be released this year on the swervnation channel, featuring multiple upcoming Chicago rappers.

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