The Ukrainian producers TrippyHighLifeSh!t (THLS) and SMITFXX are officially Swervnation producers, both signed with Swervnation since December 2020.



A Ukrainian producer contributed to several songs by Swervnation rappers.

My story



Swervnation has added the Ukrainian producer Nick , aka SMITFXX, to their team.

” My name is Nick. I am 22 years old. Born and raised in Ukraine, in the resort city of Odessa. I started make beats when I graduated from high school. My father gave me a CD with FL Studio. I started to understand, and it sunk into the soul. I fell in love with music and its creation. There is a war going on in my country right now. I help soldiers with humanitarian and volunteer help. Very difficult times. But I hope that this will end and I will again become a producer who wants to conquer the world. Swerv! ” – SMITFXX