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Chicago Rapper Dreadrock Unveils Captivating Music Video “Bible”, a single Produced by Dios Mios

Chicago’s very own rising rap sensation, Dreadrock, has dropped a mesmerizing new music video titled “Bible,” produced by the talented Dios Mios. The music video, shot by the renowned Ryan Stage Media in the heart of Chicago, is already generating significant buzz within the music industry and among fans. “Bible” is a powerful anthem that carries a message of resilience and determination, reflecting Dreadrock’s personal journey and growth within the music scene.

In “Bible,” Dreadrock pours his heart out as he addresses those who once doubted him. The video serves as a triumphant statement of self-belief and perseverance, a testament to his unyielding dedication to his craft. When asked about the inspiration behind the video, Dreadrock revealed, “This video is for the people who stopped believing in me. It’s a reminder that I’m here to stay, and I’m coming back stronger than ever.”

One of the most captivating moments captured during the filming of the music video is a scene where Dreadrock is seen running through an office space, only to find himself comically stuck without a way out the door. This candid moment adds a touch of authenticity to the video, showcasing the artist’s willingness to embrace both challenges and lighter moments.

“Bible” is more than just a music video; it’s a declaration of empowerment. The video encourages viewers to rise above negativity and naysayers, emerging from adversity with renewed determination. The song’s lyrics and visuals coalesce to form an inspirational narrative that resonates with audiences from all walks of life.

The music video for “Bible” premiered on August 25 and has already garnered an enthusiastic response from Dreadrock’s devoted fanbase and music enthusiasts alike. The synergy between Dreadrock’s impassioned lyrics, Dios Mios’ exceptional production, and Ryan Stage Media’s skillful cinematography has resulted in a visual and auditory masterpiece that stands as a testament to Chicago’s vibrant music scene.

Dreadrock’s “Bible” is now available for streaming on all major platforms. To experience the raw emotion and exhilarating energy of the music video, be sure to check it out. Join Dreadrock on his journey of triumph, resilience, and self-discovery.

August 14 by Dreadrock

Chicago Rapper Dreadrock Set to Drop Emotionally Charged New Single “August 14”

Get ready to embark on an emotional journey as Chicago’s very own hip-hop sensation, Dreadrock, gears up to release his latest single “August 14.” Scheduled for launch this Friday, August 18, the track promises to tug at heartstrings and leave a lasting impact on listeners.

A Heartfelt Tribute to Love and Loss

“Dreadrock’s “August 14″ is not just a song; it’s a poignant tribute to the artist’s mother, whose memory continues to resonate in his heart,” announced his management team. The track delves into the artist’s personal journey, encapsulating the emotions of losing a beloved mother at the tender age of 11. Through his music, Dreadrock’s compelling narrative transforms his grief into a universal message of cherishing loved ones.

Music with a Purpose

Produced by Swervgang, “August 14” merges a soulful melody with insightful lyrics, showcasing Dreadrock’s unique musical style. The single is more than just an auditory experience—it’s an emotional rollercoaster that takes listeners on a ride through the artist’s memories and emotions. The song’s poignant lyrics delve deep into the heartache and yearning felt by a child who lost his mother too soon.

Inspiration Behind the Music

Reflecting on the song’s inspiration, Dreadrock shared, “This song is about my mother’s birthday that passed away when I was 11.” The profound message he conveys through “August 14” is crystal clear: cherish and love your mother. He encourages listeners to value their maternal bonds and celebrate the role mothers play in shaping our lives, echoing his own experience of losing his mother at a young age.

Visualizing the Emotion

The anticipation doesn’t stop with the single’s release. Dreadrock has also hinted at an upcoming music video that promises to add a visual dimension to the heartfelt track. The video is poised to bring the song’s emotions to life, providing fans with a powerful visual representation of the artist’s journey.

Dreadrock’s “August 14” will be available on all major streaming platforms. To listen to this evocative single, visit https://vyd.co/August14.

August 14 by Dreadrock
dreadrock itrs partyr

Chicago Rapper Dreadrock Drops New Single “It’s a Party”, produced by Swervgang

The concrete jungle is about to feel the heat as Chicago’s lyrical firestarter, Dreadrock, teams up with the mastermind producer Swervgang to drop their latest sonic bomb, “It’s a Party.” In this electrifying collaboration, hip-hop aficionados are in for an auditory adventure that’s bound to leave them craving more.

Dreadrock, a name that reverberates through the streets of Chicago and beyond, has consistently brought his lyrical prowess to the forefront. From the raw narratives to the unmatched flow, he’s built a reputation as a true wordsmith in the rap game.  

Dreadrock BornBrolke3

“Chicago Flooding” Trailer Unleashes the Soul of Dredrock’s Upcoming Album, BornBroke3

Unleashing the Urban Torrent: Prepare to be swept away by the raw energy that is Dredrock’s latest single, “Chicago Flooding.” The trailer for this electrifying track has just hit the airwaves, giving us a tantalizing taste of what’s to come from Dredrock’s highly anticipated album, BornBroke3.

Diving into the Depths

In a fearless display of freestyle prowess, Dredrock spits truths that hit harder than a thunderclap. With lyrics that resonate, he paints a vivid urban portrait: “When rain pours, the city morphs into a flood, a deluge of lifeless forms and mournful cries. Venture outside, and the shadows of homicides loom large. A concrete jungle where survival means riding alongside your loyal comrades.” This is more than music; it’s a soul-baring narrative of life on the streets.

Embracing the Carnage

Dredrock’s words embody the spirit of the streets, capturing the raw essence of survival in the concrete wilderness. The trailer encapsulates this gritty authenticity, allowing us a glimpse into the heart and soul of his upcoming rap masterpiece.

Witness the Unveiling

Don’t miss your chance to experience the force of nature that is Dredrock’s “Chicago Flooding.” Watch the official trailer now, and let the relentless rhythm and hard-hitting verses immerse you in the very soul of the city: Watch Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkyY_heV0qo

Crafted for the Streets, BornBroke3 Awaits

As we await the full album drop, let the waves of anticipation crash over you. BornBroke3 promises an unfiltered look into life’s trials and triumphs, all set to the backdrop of beats that resonate like the heartbeat of the streets.

Don’t just listen; immerse yourself. Stay tuned for the release of BornBroke3, and in the meantime, let the “Chicago Flooding” trailer remind you that when life pours down, Dredrock’s music rises.

Dreadrock no holding back

“No Holding Back” Set to Shake the Hip-Hop Scene

News Distribution: Chicago Rapper Dreadrock Unveils Raw and Unfiltered Mixtape “No Holding Back” Set to Shake the Hip-Hop Scene on September 1st, 2023

In a highly anticipated move, Chicago’s rising rap sensation, Dreadrock, is poised to drop a game-changing mixtape titled “No Holding Back” on September 1st, 2023. This masterpiece, produced by the illustrious Swervgangent, is set to take listeners on an electrifying journey through raw emotions, life struggles, and unapologetic authenticity. The mixtape is set to be released exclusively through Equity Distribution EQ, making it accessible to a global audience hungry for genuine artistry.

Embracing the Unfiltered Truth

The mixtape’s title, “No Holding Back,” is a poignant reflection of Dreadrock’s unyielding commitment to authenticity. Throughout his journey in life and music, Dreadrock has faced countless obstacles and challenges. From the tough streets of Chicago to the pinnacle of the hip-hop scene, his story is one of triumph against all odds. With this mixtape, Dreadrock offers his fans an unfiltered glimpse into his world, holding nothing back and baring his soul through his lyrics.

Tracklist that Speaks Volumes

“No Holding Back” features a mesmerizing tracklist that promises to captivate and resonate with listeners on a profound level. The mixtape opens with the hard-hitting “One Chance (Explicit),” setting the tone for the fearless narrative that follows. Tracks like “Dont Stop (Explicit)” and “Hot Boys (Explicit)” showcase Dreadrock’s undeniable talent and unique style.

As the mixtape unfolds, tracks like “Bible (Explicit)” and “Make A Way (Explicit)” delve into deeper themes, reflecting Dreadrock’s journey from adversity to triumph. “August 14 (Explicit)” and “It’s a Party (Explicit)” infuse the mixtape with infectious energy, ensuring that every moment is a sonic rollercoaster.

A Journey of Resilience and Triumph

“No Holding Back” serves as a testament to Dreadrock’s unshakable resilience and his unwavering determination to ascend to the top of the music industry. “SDS (Explicit)” and “First To Swerv (Explicit)” celebrate the artist’s journey to success, while “I Be Flee (Explicit)” and “On da K (Explicit)” capture his unapologetic attitude.

The mixtape’s climax is reached with “Now It’s Time (Explicit),” a track that signifies Dreadrock’s arrival and his readiness to seize his moment. “Y U LIEN (Explicit)” and “Turn Up On Your Turf (Explicit)” continue the electrifying narrative, leading to the poignant conclusion with “Waited My Time (Explicit).”

A Remarkable Collaboration

The collaborative genius behind “No Holding Back” is none other than the celebrated producer, Swervgangent. With his signature beats and impeccable production, Swervgangent has woven a musical tapestry that complements Dreadrock’s lyrical prowess flawlessly. This collaboration has yielded a mixtape that’s bound to become a timeless classic in the hip-hop canon.

Global Distribution through Equity Distribution EQ

“No Holding Back” is set to make waves not just in Chicago, but across the globe, thanks to its partnership with Equity Distribution EQ. This esteemed distribution platform ensures that Dreadrock’s authentic voice will reach every corner of the world, connecting with fans who appreciate raw and unfiltered artistry.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars for September 1st, 2023, as Dreadrock’s “No Holding Back” is set to redefine the hip-hop landscape. With its uncompromising authenticity, impactful storytelling, and unforgettable beats, this mixtape promises to be a sonic journey unlike any other. Be ready to embrace the unfiltered truth and experience the power of Dreadrock’s musical evolution.

Pre order: https://music.equitydistro.com/d2/share/eyJzIjo0MDg0NTR9

For more information, media inquiries, and exclusive updates, visit Dreadrock’s official website and follow him on social media platforms.  

Dreadrock no holding back
dreadrock and lil rap

Dreadrock and Lil Rap’s  Collaboration Comes to Life in the Official Music Video for “Swerving Flow”

Chicago, IL – July 28, 2023 –     Swervnation is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated release of the Official Music Video for “Swerving Flow,” the scintillating single from Dreadrock’s renowned album, “Swervinglanes 3.” The music video, a joint effort by two of Chicago’s finest rappers, Dreadrock and Lil Rap, showcases their incredible talents and dynamic chemistry, captured and skillfully edited by the visionary filmmaker Ryan Stage.

“Swerving Flow” is a standout track from Dreadrock’s groundbreaking album, “Swervinglanes 3,” which took the music world by storm when it was released in January 2020. The album received widespread acclaim for its piercing sound and captivatingly smooth cadence.

In the Official Music Video for “Swerving Flow,” viewers will be taken on a visual journey that perfectly complements the energy and vibe of the song. Set against the backdrop of Chicago’s streets, the video captures the essence of the city’s thriving hip-hop culture, making it a genuine representation of Dreadrock and Lil Rap’s musical roots.

Watch the Official Music Video for “Swerving Flow” here:

The collaboration between Dreadrock and Lil Rap in “Swerving Flow” is a true testament to their mutual respect and admiration for each other’s artistry. Their seamless flow and electrifying performances create an unforgettable experience for fans and new listeners alike.

The video’s director, Ryan Stage, known for his exceptional ability to capture artists’ raw emotions and translate them into captivating visual narratives, has done justice to “Swerving Flow.” With his expert cinematography and editing skills, Ryan has elevated the music video to a whole new level, leaving fans excitedly waiting for each frame.

“Swerving Flow” Official Music Video is now available on [platform], and fans are encouraged to share their reactions and support for Dreadrock and Lil Rap’s collaboration on social media using the hashtag #SwervingFlowVideo.

Chicago rapper Dreadrock I remember


In a heartwarming and emotional triumph, renowned Chicago rapper Dreadrock has achieved yet another milestone in his musical journey as his single “I Remember” reaches the impressive #13 spot on the Switzerland hip-hop/rap iTunes charts. This powerful track, released in June 2016, has resonated deeply with fans around the world, cementing Dreadrock’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

“I Remember” has proven to be one of Dreadrock’s most successful and beloved singles, capturing the hearts of listeners with its raw emotion and powerful storytelling. The song serves as a poignant tribute to his late mother, who played an integral role in shaping Dreadrock’s life and passion for music. The music video for the song, released alongside the track, takes viewers on an emotional journey through the artist’s memories and feelings.

The music video for “I Remember” opens with a touching family scene, depicting Dreadrock’s mother giving him a recorder as a gift while the heartfelt melody of “Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth” plays in the background. This heartwarming moment sets the tone for the rest of the video, as Dreadrock delves into his soulful beat, pouring out his emotions and memories that have led him to this point in his career. The video has garnered immense appreciation from fans worldwide for its authenticity and emotional depth.

Months later, in February 2017, Dreadrock released his debut album “Rocket Power,” featuring “I Remember” as one of its standout tracks. The album has since been embraced by music enthusiasts, amassing an incredible 75,000 streams per month and receiving over 10,000 plays in Sweden alone. The album’s success speaks volumes about Dreadrock’s talent and ability to connect with his audience on a profound level.

Dreadrock’s dedication to his craft and his heartfelt storytelling have undoubtedly touched the hearts of countless fans across the globe. With “I Remember,” he continues to forge a path that is both powerful and meaningful, making an indelible mark on the hip-hop/rap genre.

To experience the emotional journey of “I Remember,” watch the official music video on YouTube:


Chicago Rapper Dreadrock Releases  the single “O’BLOCK TO K-TOWN” Featuring Ice Gang and O’Block T Smooth

Renowned Chicago rapper Dreadrock is proud to announce the release of his latest single “O’BLOCK TO K-TOWN,” a collaboration with fellow rappers Ice Gang and O’Block T Smooth, produced by the  Swervgangent. The track, which carries a powerful message of unity and connection within the city, is set to make a significant impact on the Chicago music scene.

“O’BLOCK TO K-TOWN” is more than just another rap anthem; it represents Dreadrock’s heartfelt commitment to bridging the gap between Chicago’s South Side and West Side communities. As a native of the city, Dreadrock has witnessed the effects of division, and this song serves as a testament to his determination to foster unity and understanding.

The single, with its captivating beats and compelling lyrics, captures the essence of life in the streets while highlighting the strength of solidarity among Chicago residents. Dreadrock’s distinct flow, complemented by the unique styles of Ice Gang and O’Block T Smooth, creates an irresistible synergy that will resonate with fans and critics alike.

Producer Swervgangent’s masterful touch on the production elevates “O’BLOCK TO K-TOWN” to another level, ensuring a captivating musical experience for listeners from start to finish.

When asked about the meaning behind the song, Dreadrock emphasized, “This single is all about breaking barriers and bringing our city together. We want to show the world that unity is possible, no matter where you come from. ‘O’BLOCK TO K-TOWN’ represents the heart and soul of Chicago, and we hope it can inspire positive change and understanding within our community.”

With an already dedicated following in Chicago and beyond, Dreadrock’s “O’BLOCK TO K-TOWN” is poised to become an anthem of hope, resilience, and empowerment. The track’s release has been highly anticipated by fans, who have been eagerly awaiting new music from the talented rapper.

“O’BLOCK TO K-TOWN” is now available on all major streaming platforms. To stay updated on Dreadrock’s latest releases and upcoming projects, follow him on social media and visit his official website. Stream “O’BLOCK TO K-TOWN” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services, and join the movement of unity in the Windy City.


Love Yourself by Dreadrock is out now

Chicago, IL – July 14, 2023 – Today marks the highly-anticipated release of “Love Yourself,” a groundbreaking hip hop single produced by  SwervGang and performed by the exceptionally talented Chicago rappers Dreadrock. The track is now available on all major music platforms, captivating listeners with its infectious beats, powerful lyrics, and a message of self-empowerment.

“Love Yourself” serves as a testament to the immense talent present in the thriving Chicago hip hop scene. Dreadrock’s distinct and captivating style, combined with the masterful production skills of SwervGang, has resulted in a truly unforgettable musical experience. This release is a proud moment for both the artists and their record label, Swervnation, which has become synonymous with cutting-edge hip hop from the Windy City.

As an anthem of self-acceptance and self-love, “Love Yourself” resonates with audiences on a deep level. The track encourages listeners to embrace their individuality, rise above adversity, and celebrate their unique qualities. With introspective and thought-provoking lyrics, Dreadrock showcases his lyrical prowess, delving into personal experiences and emotions that many can relate to.

“Love Yourself” marks an exciting chapter in the careers of Dreadrock and SwervGang, who have been making waves in the industry with their unique approach to music. With their distinct Chicago flavor and unwavering dedication to their craft, they have garnered a loyal fanbase and received critical acclaim for their previous releases. This new single is poised to propel them even further into the spotlight and solidify their positions as rising stars in the hip hop scene.

Music enthusiasts and fans of Dreadrock, SwervGang, and Chicago hip hop alike are invited to experience the magic of “Love Yourself” by streaming or downloading the single today. Don’t miss out on this powerful and inspiring musical journey that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on listeners.

To stay updated on the latest news and upcoming releases from Dreadrock and SwervGang, follow them on social media and visit their official website. For press inquiries, interviews, or promotional opportunities, please contact the Swervnation team at tamillebaker@swervnation.com.

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Swervnation and Dreadrock Unleash Explosive Hip Hop Album: “Loyalty Over All”

Chicago, IL – June 30, 2023 – Swervnation, the renowned hip hop record label, is proud to announce the highly anticipated release of “Loyalty Over All,” an electrifying collaboration between Swervnation and Dreadrock. This groundbreaking hip hop album showcases the raw talent and unique musical styles of the Chicago rap scene, featuring appearances by Dreadrock, Mufasa, SG Swerv, Lil Rap, and WOPP. “Loyalty Over All” is available now, hitting the airwaves and streaming platforms today, June 30th.

Produced by the esteemed SwervGang, “Loyalty Over All” captures the essence of contemporary hip hop, blending infectious beats, thought-provoking lyrics, and mesmerizing melodies. The album’s tracklist is a testament to the creative prowess of the featured artists and their ability to captivate audiences with their distinctive flows and lyrical storytelling.

Here is the electrifying tracklist of “Loyalty Over All”:

  1. Mud Brothers feat. Mufasa (Explicit)
  2. Pass Out feat. Mufasa (Explicit)
  3. Toxic In Love feat. Savannah Roman (Explicit)
  4. Fake Love feat. SG Swerv (Explicit)
  5. I’m Here Now feat. Lil Rap (Explicit)
  6. All In feat. SG Swerv (Explicit)
  7. Gold Mine (Explicit)
  8. Back At It feat. WOPP

From the hard-hitting intensity of “Mud Brothers” and “Pass Out” to the soul-searching vulnerability of “Toxic In Love” and “Fake Love,” “Loyalty Over All” immerses listeners in a sonic journey that refuses to be confined by traditional boundaries. Each track exudes the passion, dedication, and loyalty that have become synonymous with the Swervnation brand.

Equity Distribution (EQ) has joined forces with Swervnation to ensure the widespread availability of “Loyalty Over All.” With their extensive distribution network and commitment to supporting emerging

artists, EQ guarantees that this groundbreaking album reaches a global audience, allowing hip hop enthusiasts worldwide to experience the vibrant sounds of Chicago.

Swervnation, a trailblazing force in the hip hop industry, continues to revolutionize the genre by nurturing and amplifying the voices of rising talent. With “Loyalty Over All,” Swervnation cements its status as a powerhouse in the Chicago rap scene, bringing together a collective of remarkable artists to deliver an album that embodies the very essence of loyalty, authenticity, and musical excellence.

Don’t miss out on the exhilarating experience that is “Loyalty Over All.” Stream or download the album today on all major digital platforms. For the latest updates and news, follow Swervnation on social media or visit www.swervnation.com.