Chicago rapper Dreadrock Lex Block EP

Chicago rapper dreadrock drops lex block

Chicago rapper Dreadrock drops his new EP Lex Block to all platforms. This project brings more about Dreadrock`s life from the westside of Chicago and his origins in rap.

Chicago Rapper Dreadrock

Lex Block is a reference to Lexington, a neighborhood block on the west side of Chicago in the United States where Dreadrock started to build his career and consolidated itself as the greatest exponent of local rapping. The Chicago rapper Dreadrock dropped 5 albums  EPs, Mixtapes, many singles. In addition, launched new rappers through his hip hop record label based on Chicago Swervnation.   

Chicago rapper Dreadrock
Dreadrock shooting a music video in Chicago

Every day at 9 in the am I recorded one song a day to start this project and finish in a week all free style” – Dreadrock

Born and raised on the westside of Chicago in the United States, the rapper Dreadrock builds Lex Block like an outlet to voice his emotions, bringing the trials and tribulations from his whole life to the paper and soon to the stage in a tour to be announced.

Chicago rapper Dreadrock

The Chicago rapper Dreadrock back with this new EP 06 tracks, including the previously released Intro. All songs were produced by T.H.L.S., Smitfxx, Keng Gang. This project is an expression of the growth of Dreadrock, where he did his crimes, and also his rapping representation in Lexington, his block on the west side of Chicago.

lex block playlist

Chicago rapper Dreadrock Lex Block EP

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For more information about the Chicago rapper Dreadrock visit his official page, where you will see all his music videos, Bio, Schedule an Appointment, and so on.

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