Swervnation is thrilled to announce Dreadrock’s new project, the EP “Lex Block”. The release date will be April 23th on swervnation.com and May 7 on all platforms.

Lex Block (official cover)

Shortly after releasing Rocket Power 2 a follow-on of his debut album, Dreadrock brings again more about his life and his origins in rap. The “Lex Block” project focuses on the origin of Dreadrock, where he did his crimes, and also his rapping representation on the west side of Chicago.

“Every day at 9 in the am I recorded one song a day to start this project and finish in a week all free style” – Dreadrock

Born and raised on the westside of Chicago in the United States, Dreadrock first started his musical career in 2011 recording himself off the iPhone, as an outlet to voice his emotions, overcoming emotional trauma from the streets. However, everything contributed to his growing love for music, thus bringing the trials and tribulations from his life to the paper and the stage. Dreadrock’s new project “Lex Block” includes 6 tracks produced by T.H.L.S., Smitfxx, Winiss Beats, Keng Gang.

  1. Lex Block Intro
  1. Kita Crib
  1. Me
  1. Servnation
  1. Lost Time
  1. Alexander


Lex Block Intro, the first track of the EP will be released, before entire EP, on March 26 on the website and www.swervnation.com.

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