Dreadrock music video WYA

Dreadrock releases music video for WYA

Dreadrock has been teasing the release of the music video for the song “WYA” off his latest album BornBroke2 for the past couple of days on social media and it’s finally out! Check it out…

Directed by Tamille Baker
Shot by SwervCam

BornBroke2 is the new album released by Dreadrock, dropped on June 15, 2020, he works with 9 songs, including a featuring with Lil B (BasedGod). The album is a follow-on of the EP ‘BornBroke’ launched in 2018.



Swernation is thrilled to announce the official music video of WHY SO MANY by Dreadrock. The song was produced by Thls & maksbro, and the video was shot in Schaumburg, Illinois.
Chicago Rapper Dreadrock - BornBroke2

new album BornBroke2

BornBroke2 is the new album from Dreadrock with the release on June 15, 2020. It’s a follow-on from for Dreadrock’s 2018 record ‘BornBroke’. The propose it´s to launch new songs with the same creativity aspects in new perspectives. The songs on the album were produced by Winiss Beats and DiGi Prada beats. The album starry by Dreadrock had the participation of Lil b. The track listing for ‘BornBroke2’ has not yet been revealed yet.



Swevinglanes 2 is the new album from Dreadrock released on November 1, 2019. Already had the first performance, was in Joliet on January 26, 2020, at the Forge in Joliet Illinois.